Racing Programs

“As an alpine ski racing coach at Bousquet, I have always believed that the ‘best skiers make the best ski racers.’ To this end, I strive to provide my skier-athletes with every opportunity to become the most technically proficient skiers that they can be. With each and every turn I try to share and instill my passion for skiing and alpine ski racing and to help my skier-athletes work to achieve high, but obtainable individual skiing and ski racing goals and outcomes. Clearly, I believe that alpine ski racers at Bousquet exemplify this underlying philosophy in every turn that they make, on every type of terrain imaginable across the globe. Oh, and I also cannot help but see and take pride in that enormous and joyful smile on all of their faces that comes with each and every turn!”

— Mike Vecchia, Head Skills Development Coach

The Bousquet Mountain Race programs are designed to provide a natural progression for kids to develop and master their skiing skills through the exciting sport of ski racing, while having fun and building friendships. Regardless of how far children take their competitive ski racing careers, these programs are designed to help them maximize their enjoyment of skiing with friends and family for a lifetime.

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