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Preseason Training

get ready to race!

Preseason training at Bousquet Sport will offer young racers an opportunity to prepare for a renewed race season, connect with teammates, and build skills to maximize their physical fitness.

Each series will introduce athletes to a variety of techniques and training methods in a group environment that is both competitive and supportive, where the group inspires the individual.

The sessions will include ice-breaker warm-ups, strength training, endurance and agility conditioning, and sport specific exercises to maximize power and quickness on snow. The outcome will be invaluable
where participants will gain repeatable skills that will carry them through the ski season and beyond!

Dry Land Training Program

Cost: $99 per session

Includes 2-week gym membership at Bousquet Sport during each session

2-week program consisting of 6 personal training sessions:

1st Session (November 7th-November 18th, 2022)

Monday 4:00pm-5:00pm (Strength) Wednesday 4:00pm-5:00pm (Endurance/Plyo/Agility) Friday 4:00pm-5:00pm (Sport specific skills)

2nd Session (November 28th-December 9th, 2022)

Monday 4:00pm-5:00pm (Strength)

Wednesday 4:00pm-5:00pm (Endurance/Plyo/Agility)

Friday 4:00pm-5:00pm (Sport specific skills)

Reasons to join us at Bousquet Sport for preseason training?

    1. Injury prevention! While working with a knowledgeable trainer the risk for injury may decrease. Injury incidence in snow sports is 3.49 injuries per 1000 athletes. The lower extremity is the most frequently injured body part, and contusion is the most common type of injury. Contact trauma is the main cause of injuries. Freestyle skiing has the highest injury incidence.


    1. Learn appropriate technique and form. Your personal trainer has extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology, meaning that we understand how muscles work together, and how they work in conjunction with your joints and tendons. Choosing our Bousquet Sport Dry Land Training Program will improve your technique, safety and improve your overall performance.


  1. Personalized attention. Our trainers are true professionals. Our team at Bousquet Sport has an extensive list of qualifications and certifications. Our team has a combined longevity of over 100 years of fitness experience.

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Sunday, Oct 1st, 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Guest Service Manager

Amanda Cozzaglio

Amanda started at Bousquet in September, 2022.

She was born and raised in the Berkshires and currently resides in Pittsfield. She loves to be outside in the summer months hiking the various trails we have to enjoy, biking on the Rail Trail or kayaking anywhere there is water. Although she enjoys the warm weather over the cold, she is excited to appreciate the winter beauty on a whole other level and brush up on her skiing skills!

When Amanda is not working, she thoroughly enjoys spending time with her family (mainly her 5 nephews and 1 sweet little niece 😊)

head groomer

Nate Page

Bio Coming Soon

marketing + Resort Programs manager

Eliza Lindberg

Eliza, a native of Canaan, NY, has been skiing since she could stand on two feet, and deeply loves the outdoors. After getting her Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2023, she joined the Bousquet team filled with passion for skiing, enthusiasm, and curiosity.

Her investment in Bousquet extends beyond the slopes, recognizing it as a gathering place that fosters community connections, promotes healthy living, and plays a significant role in sustaining the vibrant culture of Berkshire County.

Surface Manager

Josh Morse

Bio Coming Soon

on-hill programs manager

jeremy lawless

Jeremy started at Bousquet in September of 2021.

Ski & Ride School director

Cindy Bartlett

Cindy first started skiing at Bousquet when she was 7 years old and began teaching at the age of 14. She is a Level 2 certified PSIA instructor, and received her 40-year pin from PSIA-AASI two years ago. Cindy also met her husband at the mountain and has two kids who both learned to ski at Bousquet as well. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Her passion is simply contagious as she continues to teach the next generation and share her love of skiing with all today.

Beyond Bousquet, Cindy is a volunteer and board member at Berkshire Humane Society 🐾 and rides horses. 🐴

🏔 Favorite trail: Roberto’s Chute
❤️ Favorite memory at Bousquet: a clinic with Court (a legendary Bousquet ski school instructor) when he told the boys, “Ski it like Cindy!”

mountain manager

nate bovard

Bio Coming Soon

Service & Rental Shop Manager

Jay Allen

Bio Coming Soon
general manager

kevin mcmillan

Kevin started at Bousquet in April of 2020. He brings 30 years of experience in the outdoor industry, along with a knack for creative problem solving and mad people skills.

He lives in Plainfield, and is an avid mountain biker and snowboarder.