If you’re in search of some fun family hikes in the Berkshires, here are two that you can access right from Bousquet Mountain that we think you’ll enjoy.

A few further enticements: our full-service family-friendly restaurant, and a beautiful bar!

Whether you’re fortifying yourself before hiking or relaxing with an ice cream cone (or a beer!) afterwards, the lodge at Bousquet is a wonderful place to unwind after enjoying an iconic local hike

Best Hiking Trails in the Berkshires

Ready to spend a beautiful day on our hiking trails? Keep reading below for more information on the routes that run through Bousuqet! And for those in search of trails throughout the Berkshire area, take a look at our blog to learn more about some of the most popular hikes in the area!

Mahanna Cobble Reserve
Berkshire Natural Resources Council

The trail begins at Bousquet Mountain

Mahanna Cobble, accessed from Bousquet Mountain, offers tremendous views, a 3-mile out and back trail, and a great picnic spot.

The first section of the trail follows a 0.6-mile route on Bousquet property, starting at the hiker sign across from the top of Tube Town. Follow posts with blue blazes along a wooded trail and across the Drifter ski slope.

From there, the Mahanna Cobble single-track trail is 1 mile with switchback turns and stone steps. There is a spectacular view and stone bench at the vista, dedicated to founding BNRC Executive Director, George Wislocki.

Enjoy the grassy ledges at the vista with uninterrupted views south over Kennedy Park and Yokun Ridge. Your return trip allows bird’s eye views of Pittsfield and the North Berkshires.

If bringing dogs they should be under your immediate control. *If you continue south along the Yokun Ridge Trail, please be aware that dogs, bikes, and hunting are not allowed on Mass Audubon land.

Maps + details

Mapa del Sendero

Trail Map & Guide

Topo Map

Aerial Photo Map

Mahanna Cobble Trail: 3.2 miles, out-and-back, difficult (strenuous due to elevation changes).

Be aware, hikers use CAUTION during ski season and yield to skiers. 

Special features: Gorgeous views south from George’s bench


Yokun Ridge + Connecting Trails

Pittsfield | Richmond | Lenox

The High Road makes connections from towns to trails and along clusters of conservation land. A project of Berkshire Natural Resources Council, The High Road is made possible by generous donors and land partners.

The Yokun Ridge Trail and connecting trails comprise 10+ miles of High Road routes through recreation and conservation lands along picturesque Yokun Ridge, with Bousquet Mountain serving as the northern trailhead via the Mahanna Cobble Trail. Hikers can explore outstanding vistas and diverse habitats along trails that link Pittsfield to Lenox. The entire route is open to hiking. It crosses properties of several different owners and the allowed uses vary on those segments.


Enjoy this trail, which is best suited for hiking. No motorized vehicles are allowed. Please refer to the trail map for more detailed trail uses.

Dogs and bikes are only allowed on portions of the route; through-hikers from Bousquet to Lenox may not bring dogs or bikes. Where dogs are allowed, they MUST be leashed and all waste removed. Please respect these landowners who have opened this trail for your enjoyment!

When hiking in the Berkshires, protect the trails, wildlife, and land. Carry out what you bring in, take only photos, and leave everything else just as you found it.

Appreciate that this land provides a home, food, and shelter to wildlife and protection for clean drinking water. Respect wildlife and keep your distance.

More info on the bnrc website