This 13-week program is for athletes who are ready to commit to a race-focused program, as well as those looking to further develop their racing skills.

It is a demanding program, requiring a significant commitment of time and resources. Tristate athletes are expected to attend every weekend practice.

Tristate includes the 3-day Holiday Camp.


dates + times + PROGRAM COST

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

(Lunch 11:00-11:30 Unsupervised)
Saturday + Sunday
December 11 – March 13

Cost: $750

(Holiday Camp included!)

program description

Tristate is designed for athletes who have an interest in continuing to develop their racing skills and compete through their high school years.

While there is an emphasis on course tactics and gates, fundamental technique remains the primary focus.

Training includes freeskiing in variable snow conditions on mixed terrain, drills to isolate and improve specific skills, as well as Slalom gates. Physical conditioning and mental training also become increasingly important factors to achieve competitive success.

Tristate athletes receive outstanding coaching, resulting in marked improvements from season to season. Team members forge friendships with teammates and coaches that last a lifetime, and learn to compete at the highest level while displaying unrivaled sportsmanship.