Welcome Masters Racers

Masters racing provides opportunities for adults of all ages and abilities to compete against their peers in adrenaline-filled and challenging alpine ski races across the United States. Masters is a multi-generational passionate and fun-loving group. Come for the races, stay for the life-long friendships and love of the sport (

Who are Masters Racers?

  • Adults 18+ of all ages and abilities
  • Race fanatics chasing their passion
  • Experienced racers who grew up with the sport
  • Novice skiers seeking a new challenge

Dates + Times + Program Cost

Dates + Times
Tuesday 12:00pm-2:30pm
Friday 9:00am-11:30am

January 10th — February 21st

Full Program Cost:
$120 for season passholders
$240 with lift tickets*

Single Day Training Cost (register for as many or few as you’d like):

$15 for season passholders
$30 with a lift ticket*

*Includes a 4-hour lift ticket each day

program description

When are Masters Races? U.S. division have races December through April Eastern and Western Region Championships are in January and February National Championships are in March FIS Masters races are held September through April

Where do Masters Race? Most compete within their division Many also race in nearby divisions Some travel to favorite locations Some even travel internationally for FIS Masters events.

Why Compete? No matter your experience or goals, there is a place for you in masters! There are coaches and training to help you achieve your goals! Alpine Ski Racing is a lifelong sport and an experience you won’t forget!