Development Team

Development team

This program is designed for skiers interested in learning and developing racing skills and improving overall skiing technique.


  • For skiers ages 6-12
  • Must be able to ski most intermediate and difficult trails comfortably
  • Must be able to ride the Blue and Yellow chairlifts independently

* If your child is comfortable on beginner trails and working on chairlift independence, check out our Snow Sports All Mountain program!

dates + times + program cost

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Saturday + Sunday

January 7 – March 5 (No practice: December 25, MLK weekend, and first weekend of President’s Week)

Cost: $550

Cost w/ season pass: $949


program description

The beginning is here! The Development Team, or “Devo” as we call it at Bousquet, is an exciting program for children ages 6-12 years old that incorporates all mountain skiing with limited racing instruction. The program is designed around having fun, but it’s also for skiers that want to push their skills to the next level. While the emphasis is on fun, we also concentrate on directed free skiing, as well as drills designed to address balance, agility, edging, and rotary skills. Participants will learn to ski the entire mountain and will be introduced to different terrain types: moguls, jumps, and racing. As the season progresses, skiers will be introduced to the fundamentals of gates. Some skiers will eventually progress further through the Race Program pipeline, graduating to Interclub or Tri-State, while others will simply enjoy the Devo experience, and use it to become better all-around skiers. 



Development team meets every Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 9am-12pm starting January 7th and ending March 5th, 2023. Training will consist of directed free skiing and drills with our coaching staff where participants will have the opportunity to ski all variable terrain and conditions. Athletes must be able to ride the lift independently and adequately ski the entire mountain.