Interclub, a race series run through Tri-State with races across Western Massachusetts, is an exciting introduction to the world of ski racing, with an emphasis on directed free skiing and drills to further develop balance, agility, edging, rotary skills, and fun!

Interclub includes the 3-day Holiday Camp.


  • U8 – U14 (Ages 6-14 as of December 31)
  • Must be able to independently ride both the Blue and Yellow chairlifts
  • Must be able to ski all trails comfortably and ride the lifts independently
  • USSS membership (see instructions below)
  • Tristate membership (processed automatically when registering through USSS)
* If your child is comfortable on beginner trails and working on chairlift independence, check out our Snow Sports All Mountain program!

dates + times + PROGRAM COST

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Saturday + Sunday
December 10 – March 12

Cost: $779

Cost w/ season pass: $1,178


(Holiday Camp included!) 

program description

The Interclub program is designed for kids that have expressed interest in becoming a ski racer. Interclub Participants will focus on proper racing technique through instructed free skiing (drills) and an introduction to gate training. While this program has a greater time commitment than the Devo program it still remains grounded in the philosophy of proper technique and skiing fundamentals. With a greater emphasis on drills, periodic gate training, and racing these athletes will have the opportunity to compete through a regional racing circuit with member mountains. Even though most activity remains at Bousquet, families will be expected to bring their children to a handful of races at other mountains.


Training is weekend based (Saturday and Sunday) beginning early to mid-December, weather permitting. With an emphasis on USSA’s Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD), coaches have developed progression plans that are uniquely tailored to athletes that will both maximize their long-term potential and enjoyment in their sport. As this approach states, coaches focus on the long-term successes, not just the short-term competitive successes. Thus, Bousquet Race Team focuses on a holistic approach with approximately 45-60% directed free skiing, 20% drill based, 10-25% gate training, and 10% competition simulation.


At the Interclub level competition and memberships are slightly more nuanced than other programs. Depending on one’s skiing ability coaches will recommend on a week-to-week basis whether athletes should participate in competitions. While this choice is ultimately up to parents and the athlete, we ask that you take coaches recommendations seriously. If competitions are recommended, you will be required to have a current USSS “alpine competitors” membership (U.S. Ski and Snowboard) and TSASRA (Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing Association) membership.

When registering with USSS, you must designate Bousquet Race Team as your affiliate program. Your Tri-State membership will be processed automatically once you have designated your Club.